A guide to delegate tasks to save your wedding planning time

Planning a wedding can’t hardly be a solo act. No matter how organized you are, the workload is just overwhelming to handle. You should consider delegating tasks to find some breathing room before walking down the aisle. Letting go might sound scary at first but if you do it right, you can still have full control of your wedding with the help of others. 

Don't forget your bridal party - Pinterest
Don't forget your bridal party

Identify the task

You should start with categorizing the tasks in your wedding plan to identify the ones that can be delegated. There are tasks needed to be done by the couple such as ring shopping, selecting wedding attire, booking venue, etc… while others can be done by anyone like folding invitations or purchasing supplies. The tip is choosing ones that are more labor-heavy and not directly related to you. Once you have the list, you should break it down to sub-list based on the nature of the task. Some tasks might require certain skills like baking and creativity while others are purely labor work. Another factor to consider is how important the task is. For example, if you want to have someone taking care of your parents on the wedding day, it would be better if that person already knows the family. The categories will help you identify the assignees easier. 

Find your trusted person

Think about those who are likely to have time available and whom you can trust with your important tasks. They are likely to be your best friend, your family members or a professional that you hire. They will play an important role in your wedding plan so that you should choose wisely. You might want to consider reaching out to them early on and check their availability. Having a backup list is a good option in case someone you really like can’t make it. An advice here is to explain the workload and your needs upfront so that your family and friends know what they are committing to. Sometimes, people underestimate how demanding it is to plan a wedding. Once you get their commitments, it is time to match people with their tasks based on their abilities. You would want to give your tasks to the right person. Your maid of honor can be your best friend but if she is not a social butterfly, don’t force her to welcome and entertain your wedding guests.   

Let your friends help you out - Pinterest
Let your friends help you out

Maintain constant communication

Let’s keep in mind no matter how busy you are with your wedding plan, don’t ghost your supporters. They will need you for second opinions, adjustments and confirmation. Since they have been nice enough to offer you a hand, you should make sure you are there for them too. Let’s not leave them alone doing their work. Once you assign a task, you should sit down with that person to go over your wedding vision and expectations. It will be quicker when both of you are aligned. Set aside some time to check-in with your friends to see the progress and if they need help. If your friend is running late on the deadline, you can send them a friendly reminder. As you work together to prepare for your wedding, make it a fun experience for everyone involved.    

Have a good bridesmaid is a blessing - Pinterest
Have a good bridesmaid is a blessing

Some tasks that you can delegate

Pre-wedding task:
  • Brainstorm the vision:
    This can be a fun activity for everyone. From the wedding theme, wedding hashtag to small activities like the first look or first dance, you can always crowdsource ideas from your families and friends. 
  • Vendor research:
    You will still have to make the decisions but your family and friends can help you research available options. They can help make a shortlist of those meeting your needs. It can help you save some time finding and checking all the portfolios. 
  • Distribute invitations:
    If you are using paper invitations, there will be a lot of writing and folding needed. You can gather your supporters to complete these tasks and have you shipped the invitations out.

  • Remind guests and track the RSVP:
    For each group of guests, you can ask for one person to take lead and nudge the invitees for their response. That way, you can collect more RSVPs and have a good estimation of the party size. 
  • Arrange transportation:
    In case there are multiple locations in your wedding (your houses, ceremony, reception), there should be a person in charge of transportation. They can arrange vehicles and make sure everyone has a means of transportation. 
Wedding day tasks:
  • Be the contact point:
    The bride and groom will have a busy schedule in the wedding. You can ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen to be the point of contact for guests, in case they need guidance during the wedding. 
  • Do the final check:
    From the venue to the vendor, you should have a trusted person who goes through everything before the actual event. He/ She should make the final confirmations and confirm everything is ready as requested. 
  • Welcome guests:
    There should be 1 or 2 people greeting the guests and showing them their seats. A person who knows most of your friends and family can take charge of this activity.

  • Coordinate the event:
    This can be a wedding planner of a person who is calm and organized. There can be unexpected issues that happen during the wedding. This person can give quick solutions and keep the event running. 
  • Entertain the parents:
    Wedding day is an emotional event for the parents. Having someone, such as your siblings or close relatives, with them to support and help them through the event will be important. 
Celebrate your day with your best friends - Pinterest
Celebrate your day with your best friends

And, don’t forget to show your gratitude

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Don’t forget those who help you in your wedding plan. It doesn't take much to show them how grateful you are to have them around. A thank-you card or a small gift will definitely be appreciated. 

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