How to plan a wedding in 3 months?

If you decide spending months planning a wedding is not your fit, you have arrived at the right place. 3-month is a feasible time to have your wedding done without sacrificing much of the details. This is the suggestion on how to use your time efficiently and make it work. 

At the 3-month mark

It is time to roll up your sleeves and start the wedding plan. You might make good use of your time by starting from the basics, listing out all what you need to do and organizing them. The goal for your first month planning is to nail the necessities and inform your friends.

  • Start with the budget:
    You should have a total budget with different income sources (your contribution, family gifts, etc…) and break it down by category. It will help you control your expenses. 
  • Settle on your vision:
    Decide your wedding style, main pallete and theme. There are different websites such as Pinterest, Instagram,... that you can do research on. As your time is limited, it might be better not to go with a complex requirement.  
  • Build your guest list:
    Estimate the number of guests that you want to have at your special event. A close estimation should work. If you are still wondering about 1-2 people, don’t hesitate to move forward. Wedding venues can be flexible with a small number of guests.
  • Reserve the venue:
    Secure the wedding venue as soon as you can. It will impact many other decisions that you will make (decoration, party size, vendors…).  
  • Send Save the date:
    Don’t forget to announce your wedding to your tentative guests. This should be done at least 8 weeks before your wedding. The best time will be by the end of your first planning month. 
  • Reach out to vendors:
    Once you have a list of your vendors, it is time to get their quotes. You should go with local vendors since they are more experienced with the venue and are more flexible. 
Secure your wedding venue early - Pinterest
Secure your wedding venue early

2-month left to go

2-month is a good time to get into the details. In this month, you should focus on placing the important orders and get them out of the way. Feel free to reach out to your family members and wedding party to ask for help. Their lending hands will come helpful for your limited time.

  • Inform your wedding party:
    If you choose to have wedding parties, be sure to inform them early. They will need time to get to know each other and coordinate for the wedding plan. On the other hand, they can help you with your hectic preparation too. 
  • Finalize contracts with vendors:
    You have talked to the vendors for a while. Now, it is time to choose your suitable match and sign the contract. They should have learned about your vision and be ready to support it. 
  • Choose your wedding attire:
    2 months are sufficient to find your perfect dress and suits. If you choose to tailor your dress, now is the time to visit them. If you want to buy or rent your dress, you can find retailers selling them off-the-rack too. 
  • Send invitation:
    Don’t forget this part. Invitations should be sent no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding. Give your guests enough time to receive and respond to your invitations.  
Sending your invitation - Pinterest
Sending your invitation

What to do in your last month

Let’s look at the final touches for your wedding. One month might sound little but you can actually get a lot done. You should spend these 4 weeks efficiently. When most things should have been taken care of, it does not hurt to give the final confirmations. Don’t get yourself stressed out over little details and stay focused on important decisions. 

  • Confirm your bookings:
    If your bookings come with some flexibility (food options, guest number…), you should finalize those details at least 1 week before the wedding date. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and confirm if all is well either. 
  • Pick up your wedding rings:
    While engagement rings are normally fabulous, wedding rings are on a simpler side. You can pick up your wedding rings with minor size adjustment at many jewelry stores about 3-4 weeks before your wedding
  • Get your wedding favors:
    Whether it is a hand-written card, chocolates or small plants, having wedding favors is a good gesture to welcome your guest. You should spend some time to plan it well in the last month.  
  • Rehearsal with wedding parties:
    You can go over the details and wedding day schedule with your close members. It is normally done a day before the wedding date or within the wedding week. 
  • Plan your honeymoon:
    What comes next after your special event? You can look into options and make reservations during this time too. While it seems trendy to have a delayed honeymoon in the holiday, an immediate one will ease you out from the wedding stress.

And before you know it, your wedding is there already! 

Enjoy your wedding day - Pinterest
Enjoy your wedding day


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